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Jump Seat to the Front Seat Combo

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Jump Seat to the Front Seat Combo

Jump Seat Leadership: The guide to informal leadership in the fire service: Leadership at the informal level is becoming a lost art in the fire service. We lack men and women who are willing to lead regardless of their current position. Preparing yourself to lead at the informal level starts now, today. You may not carry a title, but it doesn't mean you can't influence others around you. You can lead from the jump seat.

Front Seat Leadership: The Handbook of Leadership for the New Fire Officer: While I believe the firefighters who choose to lead from the jump seat are the backbone of the fire service, I don’t think they should all stay in the jump seat. This book is written to those who are thinking about promotion or have become the new fire officer looking for guidance. It's full of experiences and lessons learned as I transitioned from being a firefighter to an officer. We need good leadership at the officer level. We need good formal leaders. If you’re already leading, you might actually make a great fire officer. So, what do you say? Is it time for you to the front seat leadership lifestyle?

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