Jump Seat Leadership: The Guide to Informal Leadership in the Fire Service

Leadership at the informal level is becoming a lost art in the fire service. We lack men and women who are willing to lead regardless of their current position. Preparing yourself to lead at the informal level starts now, today. You may not carry a title, but it doesn't mean you can't influence others around you.

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Jump Seat Leadership: The Lead Yourself Workbook

This workbook is the perfect companion and follow up to Jump Seat Leadership: The Guide to Informal Leadership! In this workbook we get into what it takes to lead YOURSELF in the fire service. We'll work through some tough questions so you can map out a solid plan and lead yourself well. This book comes signed by me.

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Take The Lead

Take the lead is about owning your life. I believe that in order to see your life improve, chase your dreams, and accomplish your goals, you have to take ownership over your current season. In the following sections, I will help you unlock what taking the lead looks like for you. This book is a journey. You will not have overnight success, but I will challenge your thoughts and help you gain some traction as you move through challenging situations. You will learn how to take the lead, stay engaged, and be inspired to develop a don’t-quit mentality.

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The "DO YOUR JOB" Leadership Series.

These books are part of my novelty leadership series! These books are great to have around the workplace. Each book drives home one simple concept on every page! Mainly because I feel like the we over complicate our careers most days. Simple concepts suffice for a big portion of what we are called to do. These books will give you some insight into what you need to be doing to have a long and successful career in whatever field you work in. While your career may not be easy. I believe if you do this one thing in this book, you can be successful. These books are more of a novelty item. They make for a good gift, and they're great to have around to motivate someone to what they need to succeed... Their Job... With every page, they will be motivated to accomplish one simple task.