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Dad & Daughter Date Cards

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The Dad & Daughter Date Cards™ were created so dads can build a lasting relationship with their daughters. Fathers play a huge role in showing their daughters how valuable they are, and how they deserve to be treated. We need to be intentional about spending quality time with our daughters. She knows you love her, and now with the Dad & Daughter Date Cards™ you can show her you do.

This set comes with all four designs (48 cards.) Each set has a cover card, 12 - 4x6 customizable date cards and 12 envelopes. One for each month. The concept is simple, easy, and fun! Fill out the cards with activities you and your daughter enjoy. Present the cards to your daughter as a gift. Encourage her to bring you a card once a month. Open the date card and plan the date that’s on the card. Fill out the promise on the back. Take her on the date. Repeat! Enjoy spending valuable time with your daughter!

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