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Jump Seat Leadership Online Video Course - Leaders Wanted: Bugle not Required

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Jump Seat Leadership: Leaders Wanted, Bugle not Required - 53 mins

This video course is an abbreviated course that I teach all around the country based off my Jump Seat Leadership Book. It is a sought after course for fire departments and  men and women in the fire service who want to be encouraged to lead without rank. Students will learn the basic principles of formal and informal leadership and how they pertain to the fire service. These are practical steps from real life experiences on how you can effectively and efficiently lead from the jump seat. Also, attendees will walk away with the understanding that they can start leading today, verses waiting to secure a title or promotion to lead. They will gain insight into establishing vision and goals for themselves as they make the decision to lead.

Books included with this course:

(1) Jump Seat Leadership: The Guide to informal leadership in the fire service.

This course is in MP4 video format. Please make sure you use a player compatible with MP4. Upon purchase you will be sent a download link to your email and a copy of the book will be mailed to you. Please make sure you download and save the course. This purchase entitles you to download the course one time. After that, you own the digital course.

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